Rules and recommendations for visiting the Castle

General Rules of the Castle

  • Smoking is not allowed at the entire grounds.
  • It is forbidden the recording of images or voice along the guided tour, dramatized visits, storytelling, etc.
  • Children under 4 years old have to be takeng by the hand and the rest of the children have to go under the supervision of an adult in charge.
  • Intellectual property rights and reproduction limit the taking and free dissemination of images for use for commercial or profit purposes. In the case of video or images, personal recording, broadcasting or marketing of the same is prohibited.
  • For safety, the access with sharp objects, packages or bags larger than 40 x 40 cm is not allowed.
  • It is not allowed touching the museum devices: screens, tripods, lights, catenaries, showcases, panels, windows, etc.
  • Eating is not allowed along the guided tour, even in the archaeological site. Bottles of water or liquid have to be well closed.
  • At the end of the visit, throw your sticker tour into a container or paper bin.
  • It is prohibited to fly drones in the area of the Castle without the special permit.
  • So that everyone can enjoy the visit to the castle, it is advisable be silent during the guided tours.
  • It is forbidden to throw stones or other objects into the moat, climb the castle battlements or restricted access areas.
  • It is not allowed to run, push or disturb other visitors, obstruct the entry and exit, sit on the stairs, cause crowds, or use a high tone of voice. Actions of this type, as well as any other that poses a danger or damage to the facilities and funds of Castillo de la Mota or the visitors themselves, will be motive for expulsion from the area of the Castle.


Down below, you will find some recommendations, to help you when you plan your trip.

  • Information, ticket sales, toilets, beginning of visits, etc. It takes place in the Castle Visitor Center, a wooden building located on the opposite side of the Castle.
  • Find out about how to get there, joint admission, special admission, etc., on the web page, by telephone or in the Recepcion Centre.
  • Keep your ticket in case it is requested at any time during your visit.
  • Arrive on time at the Visitor Center. Take into account your travelling time to organize the visit to the different tourism resources.
  • Take account that peak season could increase the waiting time to buy your tickets.
  • Remember that you can also buy your joint admission in the Royal Testamentary Palace.
  • You should not visit the tower if you have reduced mobility, vertigo, claustrophobia, cardiovascular desease, psychological desease or if your children is under 3 years. Visiting the underground galleries is not recommended if you have reduced mobility or claustrophobia.
  • Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • During the guided tour you will be outdoors in some areas, so it is recommended to find out about the forecast weather.

Lost property

Check at the Visitor Center of your lost objects have been handed.

In case you have already left the Castle, it will be possible to send a request to the email address

Lost property will be kept for a maximum of 30 days. After this period, it will be removed.


The Visitors Center is equipped with facilities as disabled toilets and access ramps. However, the underground shooting galleries of the Castle or the tower arte not not adapted for disabled access.

The access with a guide dog is allowed, as well as pets if therapeutic care (pet therapy) is certified.

Visit with pets

No animals are allowed to enter the Visitor Center or Castle, except guide dogs therapeutic care animals.

In the outdoor area, dogs have to be kept on a lead.

Group regulation and recommendations

What is considered a group

Group of at least 25 people (not including the tour coordinator or teacher) in an organized tour. Maximum 30 people in the tour to the Castle and 15 people in the tower. If the number of people is over the maximum, it will be divided into different groups, whenever possible.

How to make the reservation

Advance reservation is required at least 24 hours in advance. It is compulsory. Required fiels: day and reservation time and name.
Ways of reservation: email, at the Visitors Centre or by telephone). This requirement will be necessary both if you take a guided tour or without it, with your own tour guide, to have a control the capacity. A confirmation from the Visitors Center is required.

Arrival and payment

The tour coordinator has to be at the Visitors Centre at least 10 minutes in advance. The Visitors Center is located opposite the Castle. Right there the will buy the tickets and the guided tour will start. The tour coordinator will be the only interlocutor with the staff regarding organization, payment,etc.

Tickets can be paid by credit card, in cash, or in advance by bank transfer at his request (special visits nedd a payment in advance).
It is compulsory respect the reservation time. Delays, may affect the start, cancellation and development of the tour under supervision of the the management, with no right to claim compensation.

When making the reservation, they must communicate the number of people. If it is under 25 people (without prior communication), the organization could add more people until the maximum capacity. If a special visit has been reserved (outside normal timetable, languages, etc.), the organization reserves the right to cancel the guided tour or to charge the amount of money equivalent to the minimum admissions required.

The duration of the guided tour is 60 minutes. At the end of it, the visitors may, if they wish and during the opening hours, stay in the castle.

Mobile phones have to turn to silent mode along the guided tour. If it is inevitable to answer or make a phone call, you have to leave the room or area to avoid disturbing others.


Groups of people under 18 years of age have to be accompanied by a teacher or person over 18 years of age.

The members of a group must go together and accompanied by those organizers.

Guide dogs, working dogs or other domestic animals with therapeutic care certified (pet therapy), can accompany a visitor (as long as it is justified).


Reservations can be canceled at least 72 hours in advance.

100% of the total payment will be claimed if the group do not keep the reservation without just cause and without cancel in advance the reservation.
Completion of reservation implies acceptance of terms and conditions.



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