Medina will conquer you not only with this amazing fortress, but also, with the history, museums, monuments, Festivals of International Turist Interest, tourist routes and multitude of activities. The Town of thousand plans.

Royal Testamentary Palace
Joint admission (visiting the Castle of la Mota), €1.


The remains of the old Royal Palace of Medina del Campo (declared BIC in 2003) currently house the Interpretation Center of Queen Elizabeth I of Castile, since it was one of her usual residences, and within her walls she dictated her will and codicil and died on November 26, 1504.


Self-guided tour. Without a tour guide. Approximate duration of 45 minutes. You will discover the Queen’s life, her relationship with the town of Medina, the Third Voyage of Christopher Columbus and his last wishes. Reservation is not required.

Guided tour for organized groups and upon reservation of more than 25 people (depending on availability). Approximate duration of 45 minutes (the visit to the Room of the Third Journey of Christopher Columbus is not included). Prior reservation is required at least 24 hours in advance. 983812724 / 983810063. Educational materials are available for schools as well as personalized tours.

Audioguided tour. With QR Codes audioguide and your mobile phone, you can visit the Palace by an audio guide in English or Spanish.

Educational tour “The mystery of the missing Crown”: You will become in a detective only with the help of your mobile phone. You will find out where the missing crown of Isabel la Católica is located. It is a game for families and “detectives” who want to find the secrets of the Palace.

You can also visit the website  and discover different activities that take place throughout the year. And finally, the BlogYsabel will immerse yourself in the life and times of this great Queen.


Opening times:

-Tuesday to Saturday. Morning: from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Afternoon: from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

– Monday, Sunday and public holidays: from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Admission fees:

General admission: € 2.50 / person.

Special admission: € 2.00 / person.

Groups of more than 25 people, over 65 years, under 26, unemployed, large family members, CyL Friends of Heritage card.

Reduced admission: € 1.50 / person.

Under 18 years, under 26 years of age, members of large families.

Joint rate: € 1.00 / person (taking a guided tour or dramatized tour in the Castle of La Mota or audio-guided tour).

* Free of charge for children under 3 years old.


Underground Medina
Guided visit to the underground cellars of Medina del Campo to discover the underground heritage of Medina del Campo through these visits that begin at the Royal Testamentary Palace with a historical introduction to wine in Medina del Campo, followed by a tour of three singular wineries, with different characteristics and containing various surprises.

Opening times:

At least one visit a month is made. A la carte visits for more than 10 people as long as there is availability.

Duration: approximately 90 ’.

Rate: € 5.50 / person.

Observations: Minimum 8 people and maximum 20. Not suitable for children under 8 years. Prior reservation essential. 983812724/983810063.

Fair Museum
It was inaugurated in April 2000 in the old church of San Martín, a building founded in 1512 by the courtiers of the Catholic Monarchs, Pedro de Ribera and María de Medina.

In the Museum of the Fairs it is intended to reflect the importance that commercial activities had and still have for the economy, culture and art in society, taking as an exhibition script the world of the famous international fairs held in Medina del Campo during the XV and XVI centuries. For this, an extraordinary collection of artistic, historical and documentary pieces, original from those times, related to the fair markets are exposed; Likewise, complementary audiovisual elements are incorporated into his speech.

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Renaissance week

Around August 15, Medina travels to the past so that you feel like a noble, a commoner, a servant or whatever you want to be. Travel with us and remember the past of our Villa de Reyes.


Urban Audio-guide

You can choose two routes. A short 60-minute route where you can discover curiosities and history of the main buildings and historical areas of the city of Medina del Campo and a long 90-minute route to discover all the ins and outs of the town of Ferias.

Audio guide rental, pick-up and drop-off location: Isabel la Católica Royal Testamentary Palace (Plaza Mayor de la Hispanidad nº2) and Castillo de la Mota Visitor Center (wooden building opposite the castle).

It is essential to present your ID and sign a contract for the rental of the audio guide.

Rate: € 2.00 / audio guide.


Convent of San José (Carmelite Mothers)
First foundation that Santa Teresa de Jesús establishes outside her hometown. In 1577 the closing area, the orchard and the chapel were already used. In 1603 the church was practically completed, which can now be seen following the plans of Francisco and Andrés López.

It has a single nave with a barrel vault with lunettes. It preserves in the closing area pieces as interesting as, for example, a San José by Gregorio Fernández.

INFORMATION: 675607893.

Rueda Wine Route
The Rueda Wine Route, circumscribed to the Rueda Designation of Origin, is located in the heart of Castilla, extending along the left bank of the Duero river.

It covers part of the provinces of Valladolid and Ávila, bordering Segovia, and is currently made up of 13 municipalities that offer a clear sample of the tourist and historical wealth of this wine region par excellence. The climatic conditions and the orographic characteristics of its soils make this area privileged for the cultivation of the vine, especially the native Verdejo grape, and gives its wines a unique personality with inimitable characteristics.

It is an essential trip for all those who want to get to know new sensations, always with wine and its surroundings as protagonists.

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Carlos V route
The exact journey of Emperor Carlos V on his last trip to his retirement in Yuste, was divided into 24 stops from Cantabria to Extremadura, from September 1556 to February 1557.

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Collegiate Church of San Antolín
Collegiate Tower tour
(groups of 6 to 15 people).

Guided tour along the 5 floors of the tower and the viewpoint with an approximate duration of 45 minutes. Complicated access. It is not advisable for anyone who suffers from vertigo, reduced mobility, etc. Groups of maximum 15 people, minimum 6 people. Advance reservation. Closed on Monday.

Opening times:

Tuesday to Saturday. Morning: at 10:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
Sunday and public holidays. Morning: at 10:30.

Admission fee: 3,00€/persona.

Advance reservation required. 983812724/983810063


Collegiate tour. Is does not include the visit to the tower.(groups of 25 to 50 people).

In order to discover the history of the Collegiate Church of San Antolín and its relationship with the town of Medina, we should listen to each of the chapels tell us its history. We will travel around the History of Art, from the Gothic art to the purest Baroque style. But the outstanding artistic style is the Renaissance style. The Cristo de la Paz (Juan Picardo) and Nuestra Señora de las Angustias are just a few examples of monumental sculpture.

Guided tour is available for groups of more than 25 people. Advance reservation required.

Admission fee: € 2.50 / person.

Advance reservation required. 983812724/983810063

Roads of a Queen
The joint admission “Caminos de una Reina” includes the entrance to the Royal Testamentary Palace of Isabel la Católica, the guided visit to the tower of the Collegiate Church of San Antolín and the guided visit to the Castillo de la Mota (Does not include the Homage tower). The general rate for this ticket is € 8.00 / person (group reductions, over 65s, under 26s, unemployed, large family members, CyL Friends of Heritage card, registered in Medina del Campo). Below we provide information on the different ways to visit these resources and how you can make your reservations.

You can complete the “Caminos de una Reina” ticket with a guided visit to the Tower (€ 2.00 / person added to the rate of the joint ticket).

Guided tour of the Torre del Homenaje: includes a visit to the Hall of Honor, the last floors of the tower and a viewpoint. This type of visit lasts about 50 minutes. Refrain from people with reduced mobility, vertigo, etc. Maximum 15 people per group, minimum 5 people. Advance reservation.

Traces of Passion Interpretation Center (Easter Medina del Campo)
The San Vicente Ferrer Cultural Center, opened in 2011, invites visitors to take a short trip through the senses to the origin of Easter and what it represents for the Spanish.

It also has a space reserved for Easter in Medina del Campo and is the starting point for guided visits to the religious heritage of the Villa, following the Traces of Passion, thus allowing you to discover all the corners of the temples, convents and hermitages of the municipality, and of course, its processional heritage, the spectacular Renaissance imagery of Holy Week in Medina del Campo, in its own places of worship.

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Festival declared of International Tourist Interest. Currently it has nine penitential brotherhoods and approximately 2,800 brotherhoods, who participate in thirteen processional parades.
Footprints of Santa Teresa
In 2015 the birth of Santa Teresa de Jesús was celebrated in the province of Ávila.

Due to this event, the pilgrimage routes that guide us through the footprints that Teresa left in each of the cities where she founded a convent in Spain are born.

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Night Visit to the Royal Testamentary Palace

Night “walk” through the Palace …

Will you be a mere visitor or will the “spirit” of one of the inhabitants of this palace possess you? Discover the most hidden face of the Royal Testamentary Palace. The night is the right moment to give free rein to the imagination, to tell secrets never heard before, to relive distant moments in time …

The walls of this Palace know a lot about that and we believe that it is time to make it known to everyone on a special night: the eve of the death of the Queen of Castile.

Date: last Friday of November.

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Place: Royal Palace

Rate: € 4.00 / person.

Observations: Previous reservation. Minimum group of 10 people and maximum of 25 people.

Isabel la Católica Route
Follow in the footsteps of Isabel la Católica from her birth, her youth, and her reign until her death while visiting the cities and buildings that witnessed her life.

More information:

The Way of St. James
Two branches of the Camino de Santiago pass through Medina del Campo. The Camino de Levante begins in Valencia, traveling up to five communities to reach Santiago de Compostela such as Valencia, Castilla La Mancha, Madrid, Castilla-León and Galicia. While the Camino del Sudeste starts in Alicante and covers about 1,050 kilometers along about 350 towns.

More information EL CAMINO de LEVANTE:





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